About AIP

AIP Healthcare Japan’s Strengths

1. Focus on contributing to society as a pioneer in healthcare investment industry

  • AIP initiated its investment strategy concentrated in the healthcare field (hospitals and nursing facilities) in 2001 and has been focused particularly on investing in senior housing real estate since 2008.
  • As a pioneer in the healthcare investment industry, AIP has actively promoted the current state of the healthcare industry among senior care facility and housing operators, financial institutions, companies in the real estate industry, government authorities, and other investors both in Japan and overseas. AIP is playing a role in diversifying the supply of funds to Japan’s healthcare industry through the establishment of a Japanese healthcare REIT.
  • AIP’s contributions to the healthcare field were recognized in August 2014 as it joined The Council of Senior Housing Industry Executives in Japan.

2. Abundant experience in healthcare field investment

  • AIP has built positive relations with the leading healthcare facility operators through investing in 11 hospital revitalization transactions and 63 senior housing transactions.

3. Strengths in sourcing and asset management

  • The positive relations with operators and other related parties has led to source of numerous investment opportunities, and the trust we have built up in over 15 years of industry activities has provided opportunities to work with a wide array of healthcare related transactions.
  • Through workshops and collaborations in actual projects, we have fostered positive relationships with financial institutions that provide non-recourse loans for healthcare facilities.
  • We provide advice related to strengthening facility operations and management to senior housing operators.
  • We have established our own standards for operator selection criteria and lease agreement terms and conditions based on our investment and management experience and maintain a wealth of knowledge and expertise for asset management in the healthcare field.